Corporate Profile

The main activities of Koki Holdings Co., Ltd. are manufacturing and selling power tools.
The Company also manufactures and sells life-science instruments.
As a result of continuous R&D and human resource development, we have acquired core technology leadership in ultra-high-speed motors, ultra-high precision machining and electronic control technology.
Above all, Koki Holdings seeks to reinforce the competitiveness of its present business fields and probe into new, but related fields to ensure its position as a major player of the industry.

Company Name Koki Holdings Co.,Ltd.
Incorporated December,18,1948
Head Office Shinagawa Intercity Tower A, 20th Floor, 15-1, Konan 2-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-6020, Japan
Representative Atsushi Morisawa, President & Representative Director
Capital stock 17,813 million yen (as of end of March 2018)
Number of employees Consolidated: 6,446(as of end of March 2018)
Lines of Business

Power Tools

Metalworking power tools, Woodworking power tools, Cordless power tools, Construction Power tools, Pneumatic tools (Nailers, Screwdrivers and Compressors for nailers), Woodworking machines, Outdoor Power Equipment, Gardening tools, Household power tools, Dust collectors, Measure laser tools, Accessories (Diamond tools and Consumable parts)

Centrifuges & Processing Equipment

Ultracentrifuge, High-Speed Refrigerated centrifuge, Micro centrifuge ,Large-Scale continuous flow ultracentrifuge
Consolidated revenues 191,161 million yen (for the fiscal year ended March 31,2018)