Enhancement of Environmental Education

Enrichment of voluntary education

The Koki Holdings Group is striving to increase the number of legally qualified environmental personnel through development planning to prevent future shortfalls. The awareness of each of our employees is key to addressing environmental issues. Accordingly, we provide general education, departmental education, and professional environmental education for all employees. We also periodically hold environmental action plan briefings for clients and ask for their cooperation in environmental activities.

Environmental Education System

Category Education name
General education Education on environmental policies and environmental management system
Professional education Environmental special courses, education on specific tasks, emergency drills, education for internal environmental auditors
Departmental education Education on environmental design technologies, education on waste management
Miscellaneous Education for new employees, education for clients, environmental education for overseas plants, education on biodiversity conservation
  • Environmental education in an overseas factory

    Environmental education in an overseas factory

    Environmental education for new employees

    Environmental education for new employees