Koki Holdings Group Supplier Code of Conduct

Koki Holdings Group aims to be a truly global company that shares values with society by steadily implementing management and business strategies that take into account the environment, social and governance based on the corporate philosophy of "contributing to our society through outstanding technology, products and services".
We are fully aware of the mission and role we must fulfil, and our aim is to continue to develop in the future as a truly international company, as well as to become the world's Koki Holdings.
The Supplier Code of Conduct is established to ensure that we fulfil our social responsibility with our suppliers throughout the supply chain that we have built up together.
Koki Holdings Group will ask all suppliers to comply with this Code of Conduct, and will promote responsible procurement activities by building more favorable partnerships based on mutual trust.

Koki Holdings Group Supplier Code of Conduct.pdf(1,090KB)

Establishment of a contact point for reporting from suppliers

We have introduced a Supplier Reporting System to further promote compliance. The System enables our suppliers and other stakeholders to inform us of any compliance violations or suspected compliance violations by persons related to the Koki Holdings Group, so that we can find and provide a remedy for any violations of laws and regulations at an early stage.