Brushless Motors

Traditional brushed motors transmit electricity through contact between carbon brushes and a commutator. Contact between brushes and the commutator results in electrical losses. To eliminate such electrical losses, we developed a brushless motor with a unique inverter circuit that sequentially switches the current of each stator coil to rotate the rotator.

The brushless motors achieve the following:

  1. High energy efficiency due to low electrical loss, high efficiency, and significantly lower energy consumption
  2. Resource conservation due to eliminated need for consumable carbon brushes
  3. Resource conservation through reductions in product size and weight
  4. Lengthened product service life by eliminating problems such as armature breakage, layer shorts, and worn commutators in harsh environments

We install brushless motors in various products as part of efforts to enhance the environment friendly product lineup.

Structural Comparison of Traditional Brushed Motor and Brushless Motor

Structural Comparison of Traditional Brushed Motor and Brushless Motor

Compact and Lightweight

Compact and Lightweight

1.3x Work Rate (DC)

1.3x Work Rate (DC)

Lithium Ion Batteries

We’ve developed environmentally friendly lithium-ion battery technologies by taking advantage of characteristics such as high energy density and low self-discharge, as well as by incorporating proprietary technologies. The high energy density of lithium-ion batteries makes it possible to reduce the weight and size of the batteries themselves. Our unique optimization design further reduces the size and resource consumption of the entire product. The low self-discharge of lithium-ion batteries enables efficient use of energy for extended periods. Lithium Ion batteries are environmentally friendly batteries free of harmful cadmium.

Unique Battery Multi-protection Circuit System Realizes High Safety and Long Service Life

Our uniquely developed multi-protection battery circuit system monitors overload, over-discharge, and over-charge for each battery cell to reduce battery burdens and achieve high safety and long service life.

Unique Battery Multi-protection Circuit System

Optimal Charging System Achieves Quick Charge and Long Service Life

The optimal charging system identifies the battery type and charge status for charging under optimal conditions. In addition, the cooling fan and optimal air flow design ensure quick charge and long service life. As a result, the number of charge and discharge cycles is significantly increased, resulting in longer service life and batteries that are more environmentally friendly.

Industry-Leading Charging Times of About 30 Minutes

Industry-Leading Charging Times of About 30 Minutes

Charging times are significantly reduced to suppress battery and battery charger heating and to efficiently charge the battery.
*1: Industry-leading: As of January 2017. Among the electric tool manufacturers in Japan (according to our research on chargers)
*2: About 30 minutes of charging: 6.0 Ah lithium-ion batteries (BSL1460, BSL1860)

Standard charging times

Battery capacity 1.3/1.5Ah 2.0Ah 2.5Ah 3.0Ah 4.0Ah 5.0Ah 6.0Ah
Charging time About 15 minutes About 20 minutes About 25 minutes About 15 minutes About 20 minutes About 25 minutes About 30 minutes

Step Charging Technique Maximizes Battery Life

Gradually decreasing the current near full charge levels can reduce burdens and maximize battery life.

Other Features

・ USB port (5 V/2 A)
・ Large, highly visible charge status lamp and full-color LED
・ Battery capacity lamp: four-stage indicator of battery charge state
・ Support for engine generators
・ Charging at low temperatures (as low as -10 °C)

Features of 14.4V/18V Charger UC18YDL

Reduction of vibration

Features User Vibration Protection (UVP) system that reduces the vibrations from concrete drilling or chiselling with resonance occured by moving a weight in the oppo site direction to the movement of the hammer. Reduction of vibration by approximately 33% *2 makes operations more comfortable.

Vibration Protection (UVP) system

*1 As of June 2013. Among 2kg class rotary hammers made by leading power tool manufacturers, surveyed by Koki Holdings.
*2 In comparison with conventional models DH24PC3 / DH24PB3