Overview of Environmental Management

"Contributing to society through outstanding technologies, products, and services"

The Koki Holdings is committed to contributing to society through innovative, high performance, high quality products that inspire high customer satisfaction as well as services meeting user needs around the world. We recognize that every company is a member of society. Our principles call not simply for engaging in fair and transparent corporate conduct, but for making our best efforts to achieve a truly prosperous society through harmonization with the environment and proactive involvement in social contribution activities.

  1. We will assess the environmental impact of our group's business activities and products and set technically and economically feasible goals to strengthen environmental performance and continually improve our environmental management systems.
  2. We will establish environmental obligations and self-set standards for our group companies; periodically assess compliance; and correct any non-compliances.
  3. We will contribute to society by providing products that inspire high customer satisfaction, including products designed to increase work efficiency or improve working environments, and environmentally friendly products.
  4. We're committed to energy conservation, effective use of sustainable resources, and the management of chemicals in all stages of business activities to minimize environmental burdens and establish a sound recycling-based society.
  5. We're committed to taking the steps needed to ensure the proper management of waste, effluent, emissions, noise, and vibrations accompanying our activities. We will take the actions needed to prevent environmental pollution attributable to leaking oil or hazardous substances in the event of emergencies.
  6. We're committed to environmental education, social contribution activities, and public relations activities.
  7. We're committed to taking the steps needed to ensure that our environmental policies are familiar to all individuals who work in or work for the organizations and to the public.
  8. We will periodically review our environmental policies and goals based on internal audits and environmental impact assessments.
  9. We will promote the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems.

May 23, 2022
Koki Holdings Co., Ltd.
Osamu Kawanobe, Vice President and Environmental Committee Chairperson