Water Savings

Water Resource Input and Measures for Reduction

The Koki Holdings Group is committed to making effective use of limited water resources by consolidating production facilities, preventing water leakage from piping, and recycling factory effluent.
In fiscal year 2019, we achieved 8% reductions (*) from the previous fiscal year at plants in and outside Japan.
At the Hikoki (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. factory, water consumption increased due to water leakage caused by aging underground pipes, most of which were repaired as planned.
We will continue to strive to reduce water consumption.
* In Japan: 76 to 75; Outside Japan: 108 to 94; -15 / (76 + 108) = 8%

Graph of Water consumption at domestic plants
Graph of Water consumption at overseas plants

Recycling of Effluent from Wastewater Treatment Facility

At the Sawa Plant, effluent from the wastewater treatment facility to the Sewerage system is reused as wash water for toilets at the second factory.

Figure of Drainage system at the Sawa Plant