Koki Holdings Group Codes of Conduct

(Established: October 1, 2010)
Revised: June 1, 2018

The Koki Holdings Group Codes of Conduct have been established as specific codes of conduct that apply to all companies of the Koki Holdings Group fully recognizing that every company is a member of society. Under the leadership of top management, we will thoroughly implement the Codes of Conduct to ensure that all our business activities are conducted as a member of society based on corporate ethics and legal compliance.

Chapter 1 Sincere and Fair Business Activities

1.1 Provision of Safe High-Quality Products and Services

1.2 Sales Activities

1.3 Procurement Activities

1.4 Respect for our Brand

1.5 Observance of Engineer Ethics

Chapter 2 Environmental Protection

2.1 Promoting Environmental Management

2.2 Promoting Environmentally Conscious Business Activities and Environmental Management

2.3 Communication with Stakeholders

Chapter 3 Relations with Society

3.1 Disclosure of Company Information

3.2 Contribution to Local Communities

3.3 Relations with Politics and Government Administration

3.4 Prevention of Anti-social Transactions*

  * Transactions with anti-social forces such as organized crime groups

3.5 Regarding Gifts, Business Entertainment, Etc.

3.6 Observance of Laws and Regulations and Respect of the Culture and Customs of Each Nation and Region

Chapter 4 Respect of Human Rights

4.1 Promoting Respect of Human Rights

4.2 Eliminating Discrimination

4.3 Respect of Human Rights in Information Management

4.4 Respect of Basic Rights at Work

Chapter 5 Management Foundations

5.1 Management and Use of Information

5.2 Use of Inside Information and Related Considerations

5.3 Management and Preservation of Company Assets

5.4 Arranging a Work Environment That Draws Out Employee Strengths

5.5 Observance of Laws and Regulations Governing Imports and Exports

Chapter 6 Mechanism of Observance of Codes of Conduct

6.1 Complete Observance of Rules

6.2 Self-Check

6.3 Internal Reporting System

Chapter 7 Responsibilities of Top Management Supplementary Provision Application

Supplementary Provision Application

These Codes of Conduct shall apply to all officers and employees of Koki Holdings Co., Ltd. and its consolidated subsidiaries. All subject companies shall set or revise these Codes of Conduct as the "Koki Holdings Group Codes of Conduct" or as the codes of conduct of their own company at a board of directors meeting or other decision-making organ of the company, and take appropriate measures so that all of their officers and employees accurately understand these Codes of Conduct.
Companies may also enact their own individual codes of conduct, incorporating the contents of these Codes of Conduct. Such individual codes of conduct can alter the contents in accordance with the legal systems, social customs or business characteristics of their respective nations or regions, or add stipulations that are not included in these Codes of Conduct. However, those individual stipulations may not under any circumstances contradict the stipulations of these Codes of Conduct or relax their contents.
When companies do establish their individual codes of conduct, those codes of conduct must expressly stipulate that they have been prepared based on or referring to the Koki Holdings Group Codes of Conduct.